August 11, 2011

In search of lighted places

By flip holsinger In Uncategorized

You could say all of this business is about looking for lighted places. The places that illuminate something. Places where we discover something, or something discovers us. Or maybe we are just attracted to the light. The different qualities of it. The harsh, slanted light of the northern Atlantic coasts. It is a light that pounds the clapboards as relentless as the rocks are pounded by the sea. I see in this photo something that is about to happen, because it was. It did. But it didn’t have to in real life for the notion of it in this image to be true. All the elements for a pending drama are present. There is the light and the sea and the air that you can almost feel in the image. A person walks like they are walking onto a plank. Another hesitates. A shadow is cast. The walker is committed. Something awaits and the light is revealing it all.

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