Andrew Wyeth said: “I’ve been criticized for being too narrow. ‘Andrew, it would help your work to travel abroad–you’ve got to broaden your outlook–you’d come back with a fresh eye.’ If there’s one thing that really gets me going, it’s the lack of belief today in what can be creative America in an artist. I actually like people such as Eakins and Homer. I admire Edward Hopper more than any painter living today–not only for his work, but because he’s the only man I know who actually feels that America can stand on its own.”

Photographing Emily and her family on their kentucky farm–twice now–I feel like I am uncovering something of this thing Wyeth and the others had discovered. Or maybe I am just looking to recreate the emotions Wyeth evokes in me with his colors and textures that none created before him and none will ever do more than mimic. The colors of America. Muted earth and subtle flowers.


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