November 17, 2012

Fish Nation

By Flip Holsinger In Uncategorized

Lucian, left, mentors another fisherman in the skill of net mending in Cite Soleil. The men were repairing the nets of a friend that were badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

The fishermen of Haiti, though a populace group of the country’s most diligent contributors, are all but ignored by the establishment of government organizations and aid agencies. One fisherman pointed out that when a storm like Hurricane Sandy comes to land it doesn’t just destroy scarce equipment, it prevents fishermen from even going to work for days or weeks due to dangerous sea condition. Yet there is no program to identify their specific needs.

In Cite Soleil, the fisherman Lucian says they don’t rely on aid because it isn’t there, so they rely on their own hard work to sustain them. It seems these are the very kind of men a nation would want to invest in.

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